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Merrys Bay Dock

A number of floating docks have been anchored on the reservoir. Some have center area for swimming away from boat traffic, others are single straight line docks. The water in and around them is very deep and life jackets are recommended. The docks make excellent areas for group gatherings, swimming, picnicking and sunbathing on a warm summer day.

Destination Docks

Large destination docks can be found at Elk Creek, Merry's Bay, Cranberry Creek and Drift Creek. These were purchased with Corps funds. Volunteers, some from the DRA, helped the Corps assemble the docks.

There are smaller similar docks at Indian Creek and Elk Creek. These were provided by the County Water Ways money. Those funds come directly from the registration of your boat.

Safe Harbor Docks

Safe Harbor docks can be found at Fred's Bay, Dick's Creek, Cranberry Creek, Reed's Creek and Evan's Creek. They provide tie-up points for large vessels at extended distances from moorages. These docks may be used by the public for general recreation regardless of vessel size.

These docks were obtained using a combination of funds. A federal matching grant was obtained (Big Boat Grant) and County Water Ways and other local money was used to match the federal fund. The DRA was instrumental in soliciting those matching funds.

Please read and follow the rules that are posted on the docks. Please be courteous to other dock users, don't leave children unattended, help protect and preserve the facilities and clean up after yourself. A few quick buckets of water on the dock after you leave cleans up any mud and or food scraps that get dropped. Food scraps attract birds and they for sure don't clean up after themselves!

Below are the dock rules.

Please follow the posted rules for these facilities.

Use at your own risk.
Lifejackets recommended.
Watch your children.
No water skiing to or from dock.
Cooking on docks is prohibited.
Reserving dock space is not allowed.
Boats must be attended.
Occupancy not to exceed 48 out of 72 hours.
Sanitary facilities required (overnight stay).
No tents or overnight sleeping on docks.
Dispose of garbage properly.
No fuel storage on docks.
Pets must be under personal control or on a leash.
Quiet hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Caution: Moorage may move in high winds
To report problems with this facility: 476-4521, 476-1261
Marine band radio CH 16

These facilities provided by: County Waterways Funds
US Army Corp of Engineers, IDPR Waterways Improvement Funds

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